Get your kids involved at Denton Bible Church by visiting these ministries:

Preschool Sunday School (Celebration Kids)
Elementary Sunday School (KidsLife)
Denton Bible Student Ministries (DBSM)

Practicing Positive Parenting

Learn how to direct and discipline you children in a positive, loving way. This course offers eight practical parenting concepts based on biblical principles. Mothers and fathers are encouraged to attend together.

Lloyd and Deanna Campbell // 940.387.8450 //

Christian Service Brigade

Christian Service Brigade is a ministry of leadership in the home and the church for fathers and sons ages 4 through high school.

Young Adults

The Young Adults Ministry of Denton Bible Church is for those in their 20’s and 30’s and out of college.   Young Singles Bible Fellowship is for single individuals and the Married Bible Fellowship is for married people.  Marriage and parenting classes are occasionally offered.