Premarital Counseling Homework

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Message Series: Maximum Marriage by Tommy Nelson, and Manhood, Womanhood, and the Mystery of Christ by Russel Moore


Session 1:  Goals and Expectations in Marriage

Play Lesson 6     Play Lesson 8     Play Lesson 11

Session 2:  Christ Centered Marriage & Sexual Purity

Play Lesson 1     Play Lesson 3

Session 3:  In-laws (How we Leave and Cleave)

Play Lesson 7

Session 4:  The Husband’s Role and Responsibility

Play Lesson 2     Play Russel Moore

Session 5:  The Wife’s Role and Responsibility

Play Lesson 5     Play Lesson 10     Play Russel Moore

Session 6:  Communications and Resolving Conflict

Play Lesson 4

Session 7:  Finances (Family Budgeting)

Play Lesson 9