Our wedding coordinators work with couples from start to finish as they have a wedding at DBC. From scheduling the event to running the rehearsal and wedding ceremony, we work to help make the wedding day as stress-minimal as possible for the bride and groom while doing all that we can to protect and help realize their dreams for their wedding day.

We recognize that while a wedding is an important event in life that merits dignity and importance, it is not an end unto itself. Your wedding day will come and go, but your marriage will go on, and your relationships to your family will go on, and we serve our bridal couples in light of this truth.

Penny Wootton // 940.297.6839 //

Most commonly asked questions:

1. What is the fee for having a wedding in the chapel?
$835.00. This is to compensate for custodial fees, utility fees, a sound technician for the rehearsal and wedding, and a wedding coordinator for the rehearsal and wedding.

2. What are the times that it may be scheduled?
Denton Bible Church allows two weddings each Saturday with the exception of some holiday weekends. The times you may choose from are 2:00 p m and 7:00 p m.

3. Can people who do not attend DBC schedule their wedding in the chapel?
We do have a limited number of time slots that we do open up to anyone in the community who would like to use our facility, with the understanding that they must be willing to submit to our wedding policies.

4. Do you require premarital counseling?
Yes, we require a one-time meeting with Dennis and Linda Sha, who oversee the premarital counseling ministry along with completion of our premarital counseling program.